Introducing the GyroTech 710 dual access electric door operator.

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An affordable entrance system that makes access easy for everyone.

The GT System 710 Gemini provides a solution to access challenges encountered by those unable to operate cumbersome manual doors.

The System 710 is built to ensure easy, low maintenance operation. At 39 " in width, it is compact, allowing for easy surface mounting to existing doors. In addition, the system is built with reliable solid state electronic controls, giving you peace of mind every day.

The system 710 operates in both automatic and manual modes. It has an adjustable 0 to 60 second delay to hold the door open. An automatic "recycle" safety feature stops and immediately begins closing the door when a pedestrian or other object obstructs the opening swing of the door*. Another feature is "push 'n' go", - start to push the door open and it automatically opens the door completely. In the manual mode, the door is smoothly controlled by the fully adjustable (including spring tension) internal door closer. (click here for internal view)

All features, components and accessories meet ANSI 156.19. All Gyro Tech products have a one year limited warranty - all products are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials or workmanship for a period of one year.

The GT System 710: Safe, convenient, affordable.

*Recycle feature will be affected by windy conditions.


General - Automatic swing door operator for the physically challenged shall be GT 710 Gemini, manufactured by Gyro Tech. Products specified shall be represented by a factory authorized and trained distributor.

Operation - Spring close operator shall open door by energizing motor and shall stop by stalling motor against mechanical stop. Door shall close slowly by means of spring energy, closing force shall be controlled by manual closer independently of the motor and electric control. Complete automatic door cycle 8 to 20 seconds. Closing speed shall be fully adjustable. Manual door operation requires less than 12 lb. of force applied to the door style. The LCN closer number is 4021 and the chain drive size is 3/8" pitch with a tensile strength of 2100 lb. System shall also operate as a manual door in the event of power failure.

Housing - Gyro tech housing shall be 5 " (146.0 mm) wide by 6" (152.0mm) high by 39 " (9xx mm) long. Aluminum extrusions with finished end caps and shall be prepared for mounting to new or existing door frames. All structural sections shall have a minimum thickness of 0.166" (4.2 mm) and shall be fabricated of 6063-T5 aluminum alloy. Housing cover shall be extruded from 6063-T5 aluminum alloy to a minimum thickness of .100" (2.5mm) Plastic covers shall not be acceptable. Aluminum shall have a standard finish of AA-M12-C22-A41 (201 R1 clear) or AA-M12-C22-A42 (313 dark bronze). Black and special finishes available upon request.

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