What's New .... and Exciting?

(Or notes from Tom Bertrand)

August 10, 2004

Moved to new larger facility at 6828 Ellicott Drive, East Syracuse NY 13057

May 1, 1996

Added current time to front page. New email addresses for everyone in Who's section. More product data in Automatic door area. I have decided to concentrate here, finish this area and then move on to another. Presently working on interactive quotations pages for this area . If you want to play with what I got (maybe working - may not).click here. Pricing is NOT correct at this time. I will be setting up a shopping area (hardware store?) for hardware items after I finish the Automatics Area. I also have a "total opening" quote page in the works which will allow pricing of various frame door and hardware combinations, probably to be done ahead of the hardware store.

12:26 AM on 4/14/96

I added some new animated graphics to our front page . I wanted to make it more lively. I have been working on doing server programming and I will be adding new features shortly. Right now I 'm ready with a front page with the current time of day. This requires me to adjust the all links to this page. -ugh! But I will have it done soon. I've also got a welcome message that can be downloaded for play back but it is a HUGE file for 30 seconds of message. this server has real audio capability so I am going to look into that. I'm also working on a form and CGI program so users can add links to the pages in the doorway. And I have gotten some of the permissions to use pictures I have ready for content so I can finally start to develop these areas. -- more to come -TB

2:35 AM on 4/6/96

Finally received our Domain Name -- DOORWORLD.COM -- and got the computer system working and the web pages moved and all the links edited so It all works! Now that we are officially present on the web I intend to work hard to make this a very informative,and constantly changing site. Some fun could be rolled in too! Check back with us often to see what's happening. -TB


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